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The ABC's of the DSPs-- An ode to our DSPs in on honor of DSP Recognition Week

The ABC's of a DSP

A is for Anthony whose calm presence overnight at Conrad is appreciated always, but especially when a new individual moved in with challenging overnight behaviors; for Abdoul who shows his commitment everyday even when he has to follow an individual around the neighborhood in the winter;  for Alfred who is always willing to go the extra mile to support the individual at 11th street; for Alice who totally gets helping individuals be their best selves and challenges them to grow; and for Anthony at Oriole who is always reliable.

B is for Benjamin for stepping up to support a challenging individual at Mayport; and for Beatrice for all you do at Vancouver. 

C is for Carter who engages the individuals in activities, is responsive, and always open to feedback; for Claudette for being a reliable overnight staff and making sure the house has beautiful group photos; and Charles who is a pro at Community Engagement.

D is for Denise for all she does at 6th Place; and Dancille who is always willing to support her teammates. 

E is for Emilia for how hard you work and how well you support the individuals at Stagecoach; and for Eze who is such a joy to work with.

F is for Francis who is missed by the individuals at Poplar but so appreciated at Pavilion; for Francisca who is so trusted by John and his family; and for Fathia who made sure Michael voted last year.

G is for Geoffrey for the great community engagement work you are doing with the guys at Mayport; and Grace who knows every program at CLA.

H is for Hannah for providing overnight supports and detailed TLogs.

I is for Isata J. for being willing to document when someone refuses an activity.  Also making sure the individuals at Vancouver have excellent health supports including being taken to the doctor, and the detailed notes you provide regarding medication administration.

J is for James for taking such a leadership role at 4 Mile Run; for Jenelle making sure all of Katelyn's needs are met; and Julianna for always being willing to cover an extra shift; and James for being a committed overnight staff at Conrad.

K is for Kingsley for your calm demeanor and truly connecting with the guys at Conrad; for Kadija for being such a reliable overnight staff, for Katie for the work you do with the guys at Mayport; and for Kadiatu for your compassion.  

L is for Linda who helped individuals at 6th Place learn how to make cornbread muffins.

M is for Mohamed Turay who writes some of the most detailed and informative T Logs I've ever seen; for Mary Sandy who is always willing to help out by doing more and keeping the guys at Poplar safe; for Maria who is a trusted advocate for Sandy; and for Martha who is always willing to take Michael to a Nats game.  

N is for Nana who provides person centered supports to SL so he can continue to thrive; and INa who supported Nick for so long.  

O is for Osman your willingness to always help out at different homes and for your stoic compassion when an individual passed away during your shift; and for Olunike for finding creative activities to try in the community.

P is for Patrick who documents body checks, choice and how the overnight shift went so the day shift is informed; and for Prudencia who helps cover two houses each day.

Q is for quality supports that DSPs such as Chris, Janet, Mohamed Kamara, and so many others provide each day.

R is for Rugie who is a team player, an excellent advocate, and a reliable weekend staff.

S is for Sampha who among so many other strengths does a great job at detailing how individuals react to choice or activities which helps their team mates be better DSPs as well; and for Stephanie who makes sure body checks are documented properly.

T is for Tostia who has such a great relationship with all of the individuals at 6th Place yet provides the same level of person centered supports to SP at 4 Mile Run when she helps out due to a staffing challenge; and for Tiblets who has developed such a great relationship with the individuals at Oriole and the staff; and Thomas who shows such calmness helping individuals who definitely aren't calm.

U is for the unwavering compassion that Arlandria, Amie, Abi, Francisca, Roslyn, Sonnah, Abass and so many others show everyday.  

V is for the vital supports provided by staff such as Abdullah, Saffiatu, Richette,  Emefa, Alice and so many others. 

W is for the Warmth in which Augustine, Branford, Mariatu, Abi, Abibatu, Comfort and so many others do their jobs.  

X is for eXcellent team work I've witnessed from Elizabeth, Fidelis, Shakirat, and Eve.

Y is for the Yes's I hear from staff like Mabel and Alimatu when asked to do more.

Z is for the overnight supports Zakaria provides to the guys at WW.



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