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What We Do

Group Residential

Group Residential supports make up the majority of what CLA does.  We operate 9 group homes which are home to 35 men and women in Fairfax County.  All but one of these homes are owned by CLA, providing increased stability, efficiency, and flexibility for person centered modifications, when necessary.  Individuals in these homes have a legally binding lease; keys to the home and bedroom; choice in menu planning, decor, visitors, and a variety of other elements that we all know are critical to making a house a home.  Supports are provided 24 hours a day, matching the intensity of supports with the level of need in all homes.  Like any other group living situation, there are opportunities to spend time together or separately pursuing personal interests and needs.  While every effort is made to make homes feel harmonious and create positive matches, an equal effort is made to ensure diversity and inclusion that allows each location to be a home and not a facility.  We know you don't have to share a disability, diagnosis, or skill to be able to form positive and nurturing connections.  

Connections inside the homes are not the only ones CLA fosters.  All of the homes are in residential communities where the individuals participate in their neighborhoods by going for walks, engaging with neighbors, shopping, being a part of community activities, etc.  As with neighborhoods across the country, connections are made with neighbors.  Names of dogs and children are remembered.  Neighbors exchange waves with individuals on their morning strolls and even stop to chat.  The local wait staff remember someone's favorite order.  These things happen because the individuals in CLA Group Homes are a part of their community.  

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